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Embroidery Social site where Embroidery Designers meet those sewing out their designs. Included Commercial Embroidery Industry as well as the Home Sewing Embroidery Industry. CB, SOBI2, Galleries, IdoBlog, Fireboard Forum, AdsManager, many modules and plugins as various components that I can't recall off hand. We are in beta release. We have invited members to join to give feedback on what they want in an embroidery site.

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Patricia Evans    17 May 2009 02:47 |
8) Hi, I'm trying to figure all of this out.


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josymaude    13 May 2009 16:34 | Sarasota, FL
8) I'm happy to meet everyone here. :) Would like to make some friends.


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eshiok    03 May 2009 05:56 |
thanks and welcome to the board :grin
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