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1. ruth
(My iBook)
awesome !

2. aniezh
(My iBook)

3. Bethany
(My iBook)
I just saw your new cute! :D awesome pics of dylan, lol.

4. Artster63
(My iBook)
Awesome ! new ad concept in the corner. Great job. :eek

5. butterfly101
(My iBook)
:p your page is awesome good luck on everything xoxo..

6. LillyL
(My iBook)
Hi Posh I LOVE all ur stuff ur awesome. take care-much love-xoxo

7. one more time
(My iBook)
your page is awesome.!!!! 8)

Awesome...I want an ibook now *smiling* Keep up the good job!

9. Dirty Old Man
(My iBook)
Your page is awesome and Thanks for sharing with us!

10. gulshesh
(My iBook)
:grin AWESOME :eek
Really like the special features once you've logged on.

11. ~MOJO~
(My iBook)
POSH your freakin awesome and i dont get a chance to say that to you much sooo know the world of posh fiends can know your one of the greatest... ~MOJO~

12. peeps
(My iBook)
you have an awesome blog.

13. Glaze
(My iBook)
Awesome site! It is added to my favs. I always wanted a site like this. Glaz I came across it on mininova. I will be visiting daily! Keep up the great work and good luck.

14. Joe!
(My iBook)
Ron this is awesome! I was picking apart some of the php and noticed that you also have support for RSS and Atom feeds! Really nice man! I could make ya a nifty Flash splash loader if ya like? Lemme k

15. Matt
(My iBook)
Awesome website

16. Natasha
(My iBook)
I have four bags and a purse and they are all awesome! I would advise you all to buy stuff! Great site x

17. esuccess1
(My iBook)
This is Awesome

18. Jessica Parker
(My iBook)
Totally love your site, its awesome.. Your rats are awesome, Thank you so much for Sugar and Spice they are too cute, Can't wait to get my other two :grin :grin

19. J.Parker
(My iBook)
...her adopters. I've adopted from Janine for the last 4 years, and I won't go to anyone else. Her rats are awesome, no other breeder compares!Keep up the good work Janine!! :grin :grin...

20. Troy W.
(My iBook)
Awesome rats! Awesome breeder! Janine has never given me a pair of rats I couldn't brag about. She is truly a breeder for her adopters. She delivered my rats of no charge. Thanks girl, you rule. Your

21. Rosa G.
(My iBook)
...ome our girls. Her rats are all happy, healthy, and super friendly. Her Rattery is spotless, her cages are awesome, all home-made. Highly recommended!! Thanks Janine...

22. Rosa G.
(My iBook)
OMG.. Janine the rats are awesome. Thank you so much for the girls. My son loves them already and they are so spoiled already. Your the best.
God Bless
Rosa :grin

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