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1. United_Regions_OFP
(My iBook)
Damn good idea, to start something like this!

But the name is a problem. iBook is "taken" by apple you should use another name ;)

For example: wBook for webbook or SnBook for social network bo

2. houbahop
(My iBook)
Hi, I really like your templating work and the idea, but I'm not sure that it can integrate well with other joomla's social networking components like community builder.

I must test more !


3. pameus
(My iBook)
OK, I Like this ibook,
and good for xtiara. :grin

4. Christina
(My iBook)
Hey Cyndi,
Your blog was really good. I really liked it and thought a lot of it. I know how frustrating it can be trying to teach Dylan new things such as abc's and 123's I've been there

5. eshiok
(My iBook)
You can think of My iBook like social bookmarking website, you share your data with others. Ajax based widget is still in development which will support comment directly from your webiste.

6. Engelgevreet
(My iBook)
:p I like very much!

7. nanyangkid
(My iBook)
cyndi, thanks & I like those playing music on your website ! reliefing.... :grin

8. MrSwede
(My iBook)
Like this! ;)

9. Jon
(My iBook)
I like it alot you did a good job on it.. :grin

10. Clownman
(My iBook)
I really like your webpage

11. Guy
(My iBook)
I feel like I am a twin LOL :grin

12. gpo
(My iBook) has recently update new fun videos .
I like it!

13. Chinaski
(My iBook)
Very nice job, tons of stuff to choose from.. :eek

if you like free online games visit my site

14. king gg
(My iBook)
I've looked at some videos & blog section.

I like it

15. gulshesh
(My iBook)
:grin AWESOME :eek
Really like the special features once you've logged on.

16. handyamigo
(My iBook)
8) Grand Site ! Really like the extra features and content once you've logged in...

17. jaison rocha
(My iBook)
I like

18. Scotty
(My iBook)
Hehe, this seems like quite some fun! gonna grab it later! thx. :grin

19. (Honey) Mandy Mathew
(My iBook)
like that your back in business keep up the good work and take a day off and get a massage where you live. if you were here in Colorado id take care of ya. 8)

20. chey
(My iBook)
just wanted to say love your site......Get back to me if you like

21. Jokersgirl
(My iBook)
Boo! :p sites looking great all the long hours n hard work have been worth it .Felt like a bloggers widow for a bit there lol(joke) ;) keep up the good work luv ya loads xxxx.PS any chance of The Wiza

22. Glaze
(My iBook)
Awesome site! It is added to my favs. I always wanted a site like this. Glaz I came across it on mininova. I will be visiting daily! Keep up the great work and good luck.

23. Patrick
(My iBook)
I would like this plug-in too ....

24. Kady
(My iBook)
Very interesting... Don't like that new window must open...

25. blogger
(My iBook)
I like the Night Vision template. thanks for make it free.

26. Joe!
(My iBook)
...have support for RSS and Atom feeds! Really nice man! I could make ya a nifty Flash splash loader if ya like? Lemme know your thoughts on myspace or facebook or somethin!. Peace man! :)...

27. Paul Latimore
(My iBook)
Looking for beginning coders to share in the process of learning php. I'm just starting, would like to have "support group" I can call on as I grow in the language.

28. Dutch Marshalls
(My iBook)
Like doing business? Join me on

29. blootrax
(My iBook)
So if anyone out there likes to listen to good un commercial trance music you should check out the Blootrax Website @
:roll ;) 8)

30. Tammi
(My iBook)
:eek Hope you like our new site!

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