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1. houbahop
(My iBook)
Hi, I really like your templating work and the idea, but I'm not sure that it can integrate well with other joomla's social networking components like community builder.

I must test more !


2. dusty
(My iBook)
cyndi your blog is really good. it was kinda cool reading a blog about us. keep up the great work with the house and with the kids. you make my life so much easier! love ya! ;) ;)

3. Steven Long
(My iBook)
Great blog. really nice menu! What template did you use? Did you do the menu with your own HTML or find the code somewhere else? Talk to you guys later.

4. Christina
(My iBook)
Hey Cyndi,
Your blog was really good. I really liked it and thought a lot of it. I know how frustrating it can be trying to teach Dylan new things such as abc's and 123's I've been there

5. Clownman
(My iBook)
I really like your webpage

6. Angelica
(My iBook)
I really appreciate you and all of your work.

7. gulshesh
(My iBook)
:grin AWESOME :eek
Really like the special features once you've logged on.

8. handyamigo
(My iBook)
8) Grand Site ! Really like the extra features and content once you've logged in...

9. juno
(My iBook)
I just stop by to say Hi. I really love this plug in. I wish to congratulate the developer.

10. Gokugirl
(My iBook)
...ts, I can't thank you enough, searching for such a long time! I can't get any of this out here. You've really made us so happy. Muchas gracias!!!!!...

11. Joe!
(My iBook)
...esome! I was picking apart some of the php and noticed that you also have support for RSS and Atom feeds! Really nice man! I could make ya a nifty Flash splash loader if ya like? Lemme know your thoug...

12. saXingh
(My iBook)
...e top 15 of the Retail Trust Search For A Star competition. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite votes, but I really do appreciate all you support! Trav x...

13. Martijn
(My iBook)
How about that, does it really work? should read this if you are still new to RSS or you have heard about RSS but uh....well...sort of not really making use of it for your personal blog or website ? provides good and shor...

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