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1. United_Regions_OFP
(My iBook)
...Book is "taken" by apple you should use another name ;)

For example: wBook for webbook or SnBook for social network book ;)...

2. houbahop
(My iBook) your templating work and the idea, but I'm not sure that it can integrate well with other joomla's social networking components like community builder.

I must test more !

Good job anyway ...

3. seo tools for money
(My iBook)
..., Blogging & Copywriting, Link Building, Multilingual Content Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM)...

(My iBook)
check out this social networkin siteits pure genius

5. eshiok
(My iBook)
You can think of My iBook like social bookmarking website, you share your data with others. Ajax based widget is still in development which will support comment directly from your webiste.

6. abulailah
(My iBook)
... via My iBook Network.

If you find it useful, please join IRC [Indosearch Research Center] Network for Social Sciences and Humanities.

Best wishes...

:roll Que tal?
Aqu tenemos nuestro iBOOK, es un sistema de LIBRO DE VISITAS y al mismo tiempo una Red Social, donde cada quien que se registra en, obtiene un nick para formar parte de

8. musiqcentral
(My iBook)
just a little social networking going on

9. turboDS
(My iBook)
Social site,its all good :)

10. Dani
(My iBook)
Hi, mga kababayan, may pinasok akong bagong social network sa ating website. Join me! 8)

11. Bard Enterprises
(My iBook)
8) Very Cool! I think this is gonna be our social network!!

12. Rick
(My iBook)
... starting an online art magazine so it's been a very busy time for me right now and could use a break to socialize!...

13. Kola
(My iBook)
Great eshiok, I like the social network :)

14. ericakwan
(My iBook)
hi all - you can sign my own social guestbook now - here :grin

15. ericakwan
(My iBook)
nice to make friends with all of you

...all and display My iBook Latest Sign Comment by your visitors in RSS Feed format feature on your website, social network profile or personal blog. All right, this tutorial will show you how to do it i...

... widget plugin to your website.   If you are still keen to read on, briefly the concept of My iBook Social Network is: To enhance your existing website or personal blog with more interactive fea...

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