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1. anenwu
(My iBook)
thanks for the support & feedback

2. teddy
(My iBook)
Hi eshiok, you have done a great work with this ibook!!
thank you very much!!
Are you going to release a 1.5 native version after community builder 1.2 release?
do you need an italian translation?

3. eshiok
(My iBook)
...bookmarking website, you share your data with others. Ajax based widget is still in development which will support comment directly from your webiste....

4. Michael
(My iBook)
What's a voozio?

5. Joe!
(My iBook)
Ron this is awesome! I was picking apart some of the php and noticed that you also have support for RSS and Atom feeds! Really nice man! I could make ya a nifty Flash splash loader if ya like? Lemme k

6. Paul Latimore
(My iBook) for beginning coders to share in the process of learning php. I'm just starting, would like to have "support group" I can call on as I grow in the language....

7. 5
(My iBook)
Arabic not supported!

8. Haneef Nathoo
(My iBook)
Very good website.. Especially her pictures and videos :roll

9. saXingh
(My iBook)
... Search For A Star competition. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite votes, but I really do appreciate all you support! Trav x...

10. twithut Support
(My iBook)
Hi Cheryl, it is not our service down. Instead it is Twitter that recently, have very often going down of service for a while. Not to worry, it is once in a while and believe Twitter works hard on th

11. Emma Foley
(My iBook)
Hi Janine

Beautiful site and GORGEOUS ratties! Thank you for your continued friendship and support! Its great to be in contact with someone who loves ratties as much as I do.

Thanks again, and

12. Contact Us
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For support & partnership, you can contact us at:   support-at-eshi ok-dot-com  

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