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1. Mickhoz
(My iBook)
very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing your template. :grin

2. zzasha2007
(My iBook)
great resources for bloggers to find templates and widgets. Keep going !

3. Nicks
(My iBook)
I often have to deal with Joomla templates and this software has helped a lot. Thank you for make YouCMSAndBlog free and I hope you will continue to develop it.

4. Bethany
(My iBook)
Love the new template!!!!! :p :p

5. Steven Long
(My iBook)
Great blog. really nice menu! What template did you use? Did you do the menu with your own HTML or find the code somewhere else? Talk to you guys later.

6. vivociti
(My iBook)
thanks for the complimentary :roll

7. Cyndi Kay
(My iBook)
Very cool template! :)

8. nanyangkid
(My iBook)
good place to visit & to grab your free blogger template :)
Thanks !

9. blogger
(My iBook)
I like the Night Vision template. thanks for make it free.

10. nino97
(My iBook)
great site ! thanks for your free templates

11. freecss3templates
(My iBook)
get all our free css templates. leave comments with us if you wish to.

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