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1. searcher
(My iBook)
cool website !

2. United_Regions
(My iBook)
WOW I own a good site ;)

3. United_Regions_OFP
(My iBook)
Damn good website! And damn goo downloads!

4. romeloz
(My iBook)
hi cyndi,
whatz ur site about ? can not find the ur website link from eshiok

5. anenwu
(My iBook)
nice website layout

6. eshiok
(My iBook)
You can think of My iBook like social bookmarking website, you share your data with others. Ajax based widget is still in development which will support comment directly from your webiste.

7. eshiok
(My iBook)
thanks for your compliment! update your profile with your website link

8. nanyangkid
(My iBook)
cyndi, thanks & I like those playing music on your website ! reliefing.... :grin

9. Michael
(My iBook)
What's a voozio?

10. Rex Smith
(My iBook)
Nice application, I hope I can get it to work on my website

11. egenie
(My iBook)
...y gives you:

Your Ads & Adsense, in a coummunity setting
Profiles, Friends
Forum, Blogs
5 page Free Website....

12. Dani
(My iBook)
Hi, mga kababayan, may pinasok akong bagong social network sa ating website. Join me! 8)

13. madagaskar
(My iBook)
hi, nice to know your website :roll

14. friend
(My iBook)
very well defined website and rich content ! 8)

15. apih_2629
(My iBook)
kat kwn2... jom r sign in bnda alah ni..
nati sng sket nak kontek korang

16. blootrax
(My iBook)
...o if anyone out there likes to listen to good un commercial trance music you should check out the Blootrax Website @
:roll ;) 8)...

17. Ron
(My iBook)
If you want to save on your everyday buys than check out my website Thanks and have a great day

18. University Admin
(My iBook)
Hi Warren! Thanks for participating in the University website. I'm confident that you'll be able to offer value to our community.

19. Tom
(My iBook)
Heya! Just a quick thank you for browsing my website. do sign this guestbook, so I know you've visited!!

20. warrenc
(My iBook)
Glad to see someone else active on the University website.

21. findboo
(My iBook)
hi all, now you can search your favourite video websites (YouTube, Hulu, Google Video, Truveo, AOL, Yahoo), listen to music radio station, play free online games and find people & friends, all in one

22. stumbler
(My iBook)
...n one page ! cool! keep it up. i will think you can provide + retrieve more video, music, games from other websites....

23. josymaude
(My iBook)
8) I'm happy to meet everyone here. :) Would like to make some friends.


24. Matt
(My iBook)
Awesome website

25. Cath
(My iBook) Laura made, its stylish, practical, hard wearing and great value for money. Lovin the expansion of your website too!!...

26. Posh
(My iBook)
Your Cumulus sure is getting big. People have told me they signed up for accounts using the join me link in my iBook and it didnt put them in my network. How can I make sure they go into my network???

27. Shyam
(My iBook)
Hycus - Joomla web design, Joomla web development, Joomla web solutions, seo, web marketing, cms development

28. Haneef Nathoo
(My iBook)
Very good website.. Especially her pictures and videos :roll

29. Levan2
(My iBook)
Please sign this guest book since I like to hear what you have to say about my stuff. Hope you enjoy this website. :grin

30. obgyn undip
(My iBook), pesan, kesan maupun pertanyaan seputar konsultasi kebidanan dan ilmu penyakit kadungan di setiap sudut website ini....

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