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Tips #2: Integrate MyiBook with Twitter and Facebook PDF Print E-mail

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account  ?

You can integrate iBook with your Twitter and Facebook directly. It means when someone (friends or visitors) signs comment to My iBook, it will be automatically posted to your Twitter timeline and Facebook wall (at Facebook's Profile and Facebook Pages).

Cool isn't it ?


Okay, here are the steps you can follow to enable it:

  1. Visit your iBook page and on top of the page, click on "RSS" icon


  2. A new internet browser window will pop up and you need to copy your iBook RSS feed link as shown in below example:

  3. You need to create one free account at TwitterFeed . Once created, you can login to TwitterFeed and click on "Create New Feed" button


  4. For Feed  Name field, you can type My iBook and for RSS Feed URL you can paste iBook RSS feed link which you have copied on Step 2. Your screen should look like below:


  5. Click on "Advanced Settings" link and you can do neccessaries changes. Fields are quite self explanatory.


  6. Click on "Continue to Step 2" button

  7. On this section, you can select you want to auto publish iBook signed by your friends directly to your Twitter timeline or Facebook, for this example let's click on Twitter to select.


  8. On this section, TwitterFeed will require you to authenticate your Twitter account using OAuth. You can continue the step to login to Twitter to complete the whole process and Twitter will redirect you back to TwitterFeed website.

  9. Click "All Done!" button to complete


  10. You can repeat the same steps from Step 7 to setup your Facebook account

Important Notes:

By default, when your friends or visitors signs comment to your iBook, it will be auto published to your iBook profile. And if you have followed above steps to integrate your iBook to Twitter and Facebook, it will mean that their comment will be automatically updated to your Twitter timeline or Facebook profiles.


This will attract spammer definetely to spamming. However easily you can change your iBook setting in order for every comment posted to first get approval from you before it get posted.

iBook will automatically send you a notification email if visitors or friends signs a comment to your iBook and conveniently you can click on the link sent to you to approve (Publish), unpublish or delete the comment straight away.

To change your iBook setting:

  1. Login to

  2. On My iBook menu on the right side, click on "iBook Profile"


  3. Set "Auto Published" to No


That's All and Enjoy !
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