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31. cgweaver
(My iBook)
Hey there... just thought I would sign some books while i'm here.. :)

32. cgweaver
(My iBook)
High there.. just thought I would sign some ibooks while I'm here. :p

33. kidrosey
(My iBook)
Just a test homie

34. Gokugirl
(My iBook)
:) Thank you so much for all these fantastic films, they are all just great. thank you for all your time, effort & thought for others. Much appreciated.

35. lex_welcome
(My iBook)
:zzz Just testing

36. egwabor5
(My iBook)
hello just saying I and dont be a stranger.

37. gimionline
(My iBook)
just testing

38. Salem
(My iBook)
Brr.. now you just made me cold. :p

39. Ronnie McCormack
(My iBook)
Hi arrjay here, just want to wish everyone a happy xmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year.

40. Rick at The Art Gall
(My iBook)
If your an Artist or just appreciate art lets chat!

41. el.severo
(My iBook)
Just testing this guestbook! :)

42. Paul Latimore
(My iBook)
Looking for beginning coders to share in the process of learning php. I'm just starting, would like to have "support group" I can call on as I grow in the language.

(My iBook)

44. Tom
(My iBook)
Heya! Just a quick thank you for browsing my website. do sign this guestbook, so I know you've visited!!

45. Laura Anne Davies
(My iBook)
Just wanted to check that it worked :D
Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of my site and crafties!!

ps. yes I did rate my own site lol

46. Just Me
(My iBook)

47. pepsi4u
(My iBook)
just thought id sign your book lol hopr you sign mine lol :grin

48. BeMimimetup
(My iBook)
Hi There Just wanted to drop in to say hellogreetings! and also to introduce myself here! The Boards look quite interesting and i cant wait to become a member of the community!

49. killinspiders
(My iBook)
Just checking out how this new guestbook works!

50. Lara
(My iBook)
:roll I have never had more playful rats then the ones I got from Janine, My oldest girl just died at 6yrs of age :eek. I can't wait to get 2 more rats from Janine, They are always super playful, lov

51. Cheryl
(My iBook)
Is this down? It's not showing up in my forum signatures - anywhere - not just a particular forum. :(

52. Lois Kennedy
(My iBook)
Janine just wanted to update you that Tittle and Lunula are doing great. They integrated into my already established girl colony with no problems like you said. I love them so much. Your the best. Tha

53. deartinninc
(My iBook)
Hey All! I am new in your community. Just wanted to greet you all :)

54. sharm
(My iBook)
Im just giving this ibook a shot:p nice blog btw :)

55. favourbaby
(My iBook)
My name is Miss Favour, I just went through your profile in ( and i became intreseted in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email

56. dandynodaniello
(My iBook)

I have just registered and would like to say hello to all forum users .


My www pa

57. Jacqui
(My iBook)
Just testing the ebook. Seems ok.

58. brobemaggie
(My iBook)
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