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61. visitor
(My iBook)
is all those painting your own creation work ? if yes, you are prof painter !

62. NISHA370
(My iBook)
hello, thank you for the message. good day. :grin

63. dcano
(My iBook)
Thanks for your blogs :grin

64. fan
(My iBook)
thank you for sharing

65. pepsi4u
(My iBook) working chatsite and both are free , admin neaded at please inbox exotic there to apply thank you...

66. Posh
(My iBook)
Nice Cyndi! Thanks

67. Posh
(My iBook)
Thanks vivociti!

68. nono
(My iBook)
thanks for sharing cool stuffs :grin

69. Haneef Nathoo
(My iBook)
Very good website.. Especially her pictures and videos :roll

70. saXingh
(My iBook)
Please sign my guestbook, thanks!

71. Trav
(My iBook)
Thanks for checking out this page!

72. saXingh
(My iBook)
Thanks for voting for me into the top 15 of the Retail Trust Search For A Star competition. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite votes, but I really do appreciate all you support! Trav x

73. nino97
(My iBook)
great site ! thanks for your free templates

74. pba
(My iBook)
great....thanks eshiok

75. Shariff
(My iBook)
Hello viewers. Please care to comment here.


76. Jessica Parker
(My iBook)
Totally love your site, its awesome.. Your rats are awesome, Thank you so much for Sugar and Spice they are too cute, Can't wait to get my other two :grin :grin

77. Troy W.
(My iBook)
...ats I couldn't brag about. She is truly a breeder for her adopters. She delivered my rats of no charge. Thanks girl, you rule. Your rats are awesome past, present and future I'm sure. A++ Breeder....

78. ARSrats
(My iBook)
Thanks for signing guys. Looks more like a testimonial page then a guest-book..LOL but whatever works. Luv ya all. :grin :p

79. Rosa G.
(My iBook)
... and super friendly. Her Rattery is spotless, her cages are awesome, all home-made. Highly recommended!! Thanks Janine...

80. Tumpa Khalua
(My iBook)
Thanks. :)

81. Rosa G.
(My iBook)
OMG.. Janine the rats are awesome. Thank you so much for the girls. My son loves them already and they are so spoiled already. Your the best.
God Bless
Rosa :grin

82. Lois Kennedy
(My iBook)
...o my already established girl colony with no problems like you said. I love them so much. Your the best. Thanks again...

83. Emma Foley
(My iBook)
Hi Janine

Beautiful site and GORGEOUS ratties! Thank you for your continued friendship and support! Its great to be in contact with someone who loves ratties as much as I do.

Thanks again, and

84. OpepeageBus
(My iBook)
hi! can i post some advertisements link here? )) if not - kill this post. thanks.

85. utishly
(My iBook)
You are welcome at my [url=]blog[/url]:
Thanks! :)

86. Christopher mwachia
(My iBook)
thank you for this staff

87. cliffnorthupjr
(My iBook)
Welcome, please sign my book and thank you for visiting.

88. bonbea
(My iBook)
8) thank

89. fahadmahmood
(My iBook)

I am a web application developer.

Faha d Mahmood

90. weekdietroutine33
(My iBook)
Hello, many thanks for seeing this webpage. I'm certainly Dan Phillip and Now i'm at present residing in Bristol, CT . My personal daddy Phillip is 33 yrs . old and he is being employed as Special N

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